Special Design Products and Purchase Options

In the catalogs, new products introduced under the 2019 spring-summer creation appeared. At the beginning of these products comes custom design blouse models. The motifs designed for every taste and taste and the quality of digital print are highlighted in detail. Products that provide customer satisfaction in purchasing options. In addition, although there is domestic production, it is possible to see European weather and modern reflections in each. Discounts on credit card purchases range from ten to thirty percent. At the same time, payment advantages at the door are offered in additional options.

 Digital Printed Sleeveless Blouse Options

  The first model in the special design catalogs is sleeveless and decorated with digital print. There are geometric motifs formed by intertwining various letters on each other. Especially worn in summer, these products have a sporty and free image line. These blouses, which do not sweat due to their special fabric, are usually combined with jeans. It can be worn easily for long and short trips because of the comfort and comfort it contains. Polyester fabric has a semi-lycra and has a stretching.

  Blazer Jackets Custom Design Shirts

  Another option is the custom design shirt models combined with blazer jackets. These models, which are the number one preference of business women in particular, promise a comfortable clothing as well as their classical look. It does not require continuous ironing due to its easy wrinkling special fabric. Can be washed in the washing machine as well as dry cleaning options. White and ecru colored shirts can be selected under black jackets. These four-season models are also eligible for affordable shopping. Handmade jackets as well as the desired natural appearance is represented by simple lines.

 Sporty Pants and Combi Options

  Special design trousers with sweatpants and designer cuts are available in this category. They are put up for sale by the clothing companies who care about their comfort as well as their elegance. Single and double color options are available. Front-mounted models can be worn without the need for any belt accessories. On both sides, there are models in which khaki lines are patterned. Together with sports and classic shoes, they can be combined according to clothing preference. Tie-shaped pants with an accessory known as elastic belt can also be purchased without paying a price difference. These products, which are covered by a 2-year warranty, can be worn with a longer life if the washing rules are observed. The base parts are semi-elastic and can be adjusted manually. The most known and preferred colors are black and coffee. These products are completely domestic production, just like blouses and shirts. Turkey's submission is made with special packaging to anywhere. Multiple product areas are offered the advantage of free shipping.

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