What are Special Design Clothing Products

The special design clothing brands in the categories enable women to wear elegant dresses in both their home and work life. At the point where quality meets luxury, authenticity also manages to add a different air to these products. Product images are also shared for the buyer audience who wants to be dressed in an economical and original way.

  Those who wish may complete their orders in a short period of time by adding them to the favourites first. Products are subject to change and return conditions. Fast delivery is made in Turkey are sending cargo to each city.

  Shipping fees are not required for purchases made in a certain price range. These models, were introduced in 2019 creations, also host different options.

  Black Blazer Jackets

  Blazer type black jackets are one of the models women prefer in business life. Besides its classic lines, it has a sporty appearance and makes it possible to wear it in different areas. Long sleeve jackets have a minimal style. It is frequently ordered by the customer group who wants to be dressed.

  The high-quality polyester fabric also stands out in purchasing options. In addition to the machine wash option at thirty degrees, it is also open to dry cleaning facilities. At the same time, easy ironing saves time for women who have a business life. It can be adjusted with special parts on the side. It has a private, open collar. It Can also be worn with or without necklace.

  Special Dress Options

  Another option in special designs is clothes. The most preferred and demanded colours are red and burgundy vivid colours. In addition to these, alternative colours such as turquoise and dark navy blue are also included in the catalogues.

  The skirt ends of the dresses are tassels with a special design. These dresses, which have a natural and comfortable look in every respect, are made for women who wear comfortable clothing. The sizes starting from X Small to Large.

  Choices can be made by clicking on the size table just below the images. Red colour details are also available at the back of the dress. Those jacket are versatile and can be worn in daily life basis of for special occasion.

  French Style Tunic Models and Product Features

  Another product in the relevant catalogues is French tunic models. Design fineness is noticeable compared to other tunic models. The neck part is round. In this way, the boiler contains a special area for the accessories to be made.


 It can be worn thanks to the specialities on the side. At the same time, because it is crossed, it adds distinct elegance to the tunics models. The colour options for these products include cream and white light colours. Ideal for casual wear.

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