What Are the Effective Changes in the Fashion World

The concept of fashion has gained great importance in recent years. The biggest reason for this is the positive effect of the internet and social media. Also, television programs and competitions on fashion have increased the interest of people in fashion.  People with new ideas are not afraid to try them, and street fashion has changed a lot in recent times. The number of fashion designers and stylists has also increased in recent years.  The people with the ability and interest gained technical knowledge and presented their own style and brands. The currents that are changing and different interpreting as they spread among the people have also mobilized the textile sector.  New colors, different patterns ,and new fabric types have created great differences on women's clothing fashions. Designers and brands that keep up with these changes have come to the fore and managed to increase their share in the sector.

The Place of Neon Colors in Women's Fashion

   The development of fashion also means that unused colors and patterns enter fabrics. In addition to the differences in design and sewing, it is possible to produce creative pieces with materials of a different color.   Neon colors are the most important examples of these. These colors, also called phosphors, were not used for clothing before. Fashionable accessories with accessories such as earrings and necklaces were in demand. Then the neon colors in shoes and bags began to be included. One of the indispensable elements of summer fashion, neon pink, yellow, orange and green colors, such as moved to the fore.  Currently, neons are used in many parts from coats to trousers, shirts to jeans. The neon fashion, which has brought the sector as a whole for a period of time, is still preferred by designers.

New Printing Techniques and Minimal Accessories

Patterns and prints are the best way to animate a plain fabric. The designs made by combining colors and patterns became the signature of many brands. Fashion women began to progress through clothing and men's fashion, even women's fashion has become. The ombre patterns, also known as Batik, were especially used for dresses and skirts. Adding an ethnic touch to the products, this pattern is also ready to be used in accessories. Enrichment of garments not only with fabric, but also with beads, sequins and sequins and silver accessories is another innovation. These products are used differently in details such as arm tips, hemline and collar.

 Retraction in Fashion

In women's fashion, products such as scarves, brooches, large collar ribbons, which were very popular in the past, were re-circulated. Large hats, moccasin shoes and straw bags began to create great differences in combinations. Many women, especially the old fashion, showed great interest in this new-old movement.   The patterns and fabrics used in the 70s, which were one of the most fashionable women in the time scale, took their place on the shelves again. Thus, old styles could be reinterpreted with new technology and modern perspective. The changes in the world of fashion continue through four branches and continue to produce products suitable for almost every woman's taste.

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