What is fashion

The word. Moda K is expressed in a few ways in TDK's dictionaries. One of them is as follows: biri Temporary innovation, which enters into community life with the need for change or adornment. Another definition is as follows: etkin Social admiration, which is active for a certain period of time, is an extreme indifference to something. ” Finally, the third dictionary meaning of the word fashion is "Temporarily suitable for innovation and social taste". Some other sources describe "Fashion" as the "daily habit or style of clothing, labels, invitations and others" and "the traditional use of clothing, behaviors, etc. by a society built to be particularly distinguished or distinguished."

To briefly summarize what the word ler fashion toplumsal means, fashion can be summarized as follows: Fashion, the general expression of a society's consumption trends is the social appreciation that is active within a certain period. So fashion isn't just the design of the popular clothing industry. A lot of things can be fashionable. For example, TV programs that come with a society's sense of entertainment can be fashionable. The fact that an author who is popular with his books gives a literary taste for reading a literary novel in a society means that the society reading literary novels in a certain period of time will increase the appreciation of the society against literary novels, and therefore it is in fashion to read a literary novel in that society.

"What's Fashion?" The first leg of our mini adventure started with the question of fashion, we think about the definition of this will be enough. As it is understood from all these definitions, fashion does not mean only clothes, as many of us know. Of course, fashion is more than a definition. Fashion is a way of perceiving many things from art to industry, from science to science. Moreover, everything that stimulates the senses of a creature is in fashion. But fashion has stopped at a different place in history. While reading history books, many of you have been random; clothing styles that belong to a certain age are expressed as the fashion of that age. Clothing habits of a certain date were the clothing trends of that period. But was it because these tendencies were appreciated by the public, or was it because the rulers, emperors or queens of the period wanted to put the trends of the period into their own molds? Artists who had made great names in history created trends of the period. Along with these important names of history, the elite of the period was another factor that influenced the fashion, determining the shape of the trend.

If fashion was the tendency of the masses and the leaders of society were able to determine the shape of the trend then fashion was a very important concept. Yes, fashion is actually a very powerful word for its position in history. The queen of a country and the king's style of dressing set an example to the people of that country. From the paintings of the great painters, the inventors and the people who made their inventions had a great influence on fashion. But fashion is used in many different ways. But he is still doing it his functional fashion as he did in those days. So, today is the trend of fashion societies.

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