Women's Designer Clothing

Designer outfits for ladies in different categories are available. The fabric quality of each contains the required properties. In addition, more than 30 alternatives are offered in color. All of these products can be viewed from online platforms.

   Both side and profile images are available. cargo delivery all over Turkey are also available. Apart from this, special purchasing options have been developed for the people who are abroad.

 First Choice in Designer Outfits: Red Mini Dress

   V-neck red dresses with a mini-look. It is seen that the red color is used very intensively in these clothes, which are specially made for special nights. These V-neck models can be worn with or without necklaces.

   There is a deep collar view that brings the necklace to the fore. These models, which are sleeveless, are usually suitable for evaluation in the first spring and summer months. However, it can also be worn with a coat or jacket in autumn and winter.

   Manufactured using high quality polyester fabric. Cleaning and ironing of these clothes with a 2-year guarantee is also extremely practical. By looking at the size chart, you can choose the most suitable of these special design clothes. Body sizes starting from Small range up to XLarge.

Pleated Shorts Models and Product Features

  Another option is a completely new model with shirring shorts. Sold with satin belt. It is seen as an additional advantage when it is sold with its accessories.

  From bottom to top, the shirring curves also make it easier to wear the shorts as a skirt. In this way, they have a pioneering profile for both sportive and classic clothing. It can be easily opened and closed with a zipper on the back. The secret of the zipper is a demand in the overall aesthetics of the shorts.

  Color options include dark, dark blue tones. It can be worn with sports clothes such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. It can also be easily combined with top clothes such as tunic and blouse.

  White Blazer Jackets

  Long sleeve white jackets meet buyers in blazer style. Especially for women who like minimalist style, these special jackets are also suitable for office environment. If desired, the skirt can be evaluated as a pair with pants.

  It is distinguished by its special collar form. Polyester fabric is used in these jackets, which are completely domestic production. It is also available for black and white combination options.

  Last Option: Front Zipper Skirt Models

  The last option in designer clothes is the front zippered skirt models. These asymmetric cuts are among the most fashionable clothing products of this year. These products can be ordered from online platforms as well as others. It is delivered to the address together with its special packaging.

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