About Us & Services

About Us

AG is modern and chic all at the same time, ready to wear for women and a style that is minimalist.

In our brand, you can embrace yourself in clothing of contemporary architecture with a mixture of culture. Modern, Sportswear, and Elegance is what AG is all about. Looking modern and chic is what we provide for you to look on a daily. AG can be your next new look, as you will find wearing our clothing gives you a cultivated style. We give importance on the good quality fabric and finished as it is manufactured in Europe, so you do not have to worry about unsatisfactory clothing. Glamorous is you, and so are our collections. Yet our sophisticated, elegant designs, and majestic colors will make you want more. AG seeks to sublimate woman through unique pieces.


AG- ARZU GURBUZ is offering an end to end range of services to help your brand and business growing with qualitative and unique products.



Our Designer ARZU GURBUZ helps you to draw the products of your imagination and inspirations thanks to her know how and own inspiration as well. 

Having a unique, commercial and well-prepared collection is the key of success.

We support you by creating the sketches and tech packs of the products for men, women and kids clothing and textile accessories like hats.  

Having your tech packs well prepared with details will help you to get better results when it comes to production.

For more information and quotes for your project, contact info@arzu-gurbuz.com


We support you to have the sample you need for your designs by developing the products with your own suppliers or with us until to get the final validation of the products.

Our designer value added here, is that her sense of detail and know how help you to catch the development defect and have the optimum quality of the products and avoid you to get customer return due to wrong shaping or pattern mistakes.

After having the final sample, we provide you the electronic version of the pattern with the sizing.

For more information and quotes for your project, contact info@arzu-gurbuz.com


AG – ARZU GURBUZ is now also giving manufacturing services with High quality hand made work with a specialization of women clothing.

We also help to produce other type of clothing women, men and kids with our partners in Europe.

Best Leadtime – Good Quality/Value Manufacturing is all we can offer to your brand.

For more information and quotes for your project, contact info@arzu-gurbuz.com