The Designer

ARZU GURBUZ is a French brand of ready to wear, and proposes feminine clothing such as modern, elegant, and sportswear all at the same time. Each piece of her clothing combines originality, creativity, and most of all her artistic ability.  The designer Arzu Gurbuz was born in Charleville Mezieres in France, of Turkish parents. She grew up in French and Turkish culture. Her passion for creation and fashion comes from her grandfather and father who had a workshop in the making. 




Recently awarded the prestigious school of international fashion, ESMOD Roubaix, is rewarded by professionals of fashion during the fashion show of the Promosion 2016. She received the prize of “coup de coeur” of the famous magazine of luxury Eccelso, of which she had a publication on it of 4 pages.







Arzu Gurbuz participated in the concour realize by “recycling” at the conference on the COP21 in Paris. The goal was to create something from recycled materials. She had found her inspiration of sports cars and decided to create her dress piece with a seat belt of a car. And for her creative ability she had won 1st prize in the professional category in “Fashion and Accessories”. 





She worked on a project with famous photographer Peter Knapp and Esmod students. They made a study with the flaws in human skin. For her, human beings are the skin, and the skin is the identity, the story of the person. She had recalled on a memory of once seeing a burning face of a little Syrian girl on the way to Istanbul in the summer. And for this experience she was inspired and used it on her own project. So, she made with her team a dress from molten plastic in order to get a similar effect to the burn. A picture of the dress was taken by the famous photographer Peter Knapp. 


To complete her studies, Arzu Gurbuz trained 1 year in Miami for a French company. Subsequently, the designer decides to launch herself and is guided by American influence as well as contemporary architecture in her collections. ARZU GURBUZ is the fruit of passion, a mixture of cultures. The brand seeks to sublimate the woman through unique pieces.